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Or thugs, or spoiled brats, of whatever. So of course I suppose, you could go on to argue about how all of that was preplanned in some way, but mostly, I will just move along and get back to work. I have been guilty of levelling insipid reports in the past and now after reading this I will report nothing unless it seems to be a crime in progress. In general, the reason why those pictures get deleted is because a load of people push them through the system with general numbers of reports alone. I went on a rant about this with my father-in-law who responded with two words: Lou. Age: 24. OWO Jenny. Age: 22. For those guys who expect nothing but the best, stop searching

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Grand Theft Auto IV is out! Can a slow methodical EVIL exist? Mike's Hard Lemonade - Sexed up, underage teens love drinkin' it and Internet predators love supplyin' it. Grow up this is the internet,…. Quoteth k on 30 Apr at 1: They get reported alot. She looked down as she felt her cheeks turning pink. I once had a job very similar to yours. Then another writer took over and no one ever spoke of that notion again. Oh god, or are you that busy body neighbor everyone hates? I know how passionate some things make people. The moral of the story is:

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Joy. Age: 23. Or for meetings with definite people. Why do you wait to contact me?

The Real Story Behind Facebook Moderation and Your Petty Reports | The Internet Offends Me

What makes the commenters here any different from what Stein does in his bogus equating of science and Nazism? She was trying to make a system more eficient in order to help those that actually need it. If a dad and son get in a car accident the dad dies and the son needed surgery, why would the doctor refuse to perform said surgery because they boy was their child? Or are they just too obtuse to understand Mr. May the angels bear my tears to you as actual love strange as that may seem for what you do for those folks.

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